Jessica Cabot - Certified Makeup Artist


    Someone once told me a wise saying:  “A thing of beauty lasts forever.”  Beauty that never fades or diminishes in value is not physical but within a person, what makes them who they are. 

    Beauty in nature expresses itself in many forms:  colors.  lines.  vivid contrast.  light.  dark (shadows).  texture.  soft hue.  ombre.  saturation.  density.  pigment. luster.  bone structure. dimension.  lip shapes.  eye colors.  feathery lashes.  glowing cheeks.  bouncy curls.  freckles.  dimples. 

    Makeup is an art form, but the beauty is within you to begin with.


    Makeup is my passion. Treating you like a queen while you sit back and relax is my joy. 

Let’s let your best face come forward.



Serving the Everett - Seattle - Snohomish area but available to travel anywhere.


Call or text 425.760.2329


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